Rules & Redemption

Each time you visit a different location, get a stamp and win prizes along the way. Once you've completed the quest, you'll be a bona fide Cosmic Tripster.

General Rules

  • ONE PASSPORT PER PERSON. No Exceptions. Two people cannot share a Passport.
  • One Passport in use at a time. Once you finish a Passport, become a Cosmic Tripster and  have the completion stamp in one Passport, you may start another Passport. You can still get Experience Stamps in a completed Passport, however once you begin a new Passport, the old one must be retired, and used only to show Tripster status. Passports are always one at a time.
  • You must be 21 & over to use a Passport.
  • Passports are non-transferable.
  • The limit for Passport completions is 2 per person per calendar year. It’s still one Passport per person in use at a time.
  • McMenamins is not responsible for lost or damaged passports.
  • We created the Passport program with one objective: For all to have fun! We encourage you to enjoy your journey by looking around and enjoying each place you discover.
  • Please be patient when stamp gathering. Our staff work to accommodate Passport holders to the best of their ability at any given time. Swearing at and arguing with staff is not tolerated, and may be grounds for refusing stamps and for McMenamins to take further measures if deemed necessary by the Manager on Duty.
  • **Failure to comply with these rules may result in the confiscation of your Passport**
  • Rules and prizes subject to change.
  • Have a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions page. Still have a question? Email

Getting Started

  • When you get your passport, make sure to fill out the first page with your name, email, signature and photo. If you do not have a photo you will need to show your valid photo I.D. when receiving a new stamp. Note: You must be 21 & older to use a Passport. The passport does not replace your I.D. You must have your I.D. to drink.
  • Register your passport number online. This is the only way in which we'll replace your passport for free it it's lost, stolen or mangled in some way. (Note: we can only replace stamps you've already received by seeing them in a mangled passport.)

Gathering Stamps

  • When you visit any McMenamins, ask your server for a stamp. You can receive stamps for visiting a location (pub, hotel, small bars) or when you complete different McMenamins' experiences (Examples: Attend a brewfest, Get a spa treatment).
  • Some stamps require an additional photo or may require you to purchase a ticket to a concert or movie. (This will be noted on the passport with a camera or tux icon). Scroll down for additional details on these extra steps.
  • Many of our small bars and beverage producers (breweries, coffee roasters, etc.) have limited hours. Look for the " * " and check individual location sites for hours.
  • Stamps can only be received during normal business hours. No exceptions. Please plan ahead when traveling for stamps.

The McMenamins App & Passports:

  • The smartphone App is available for free in the Apple & GooglePlay stores
  • Use the App to see locations near you for gathering stamps, beers on tap, menus, music & much more!
  • The App is meant as a companion to the Passport, not a replacement
  • The App cannot be used to collect stamps & prizes, become a Cosmic Tripster or replace a lost Passport
  • Creating an account in the ‘Passport Tracker' section of the App does not register your Passport
  • More App information here


  • When you get all the stamps for each region, your server will confirm your stamps and award you a prize.
  • When you complete your passport page for a hotel, go to the front desk to receive your prize.
  • You don't have to redeem your prize on the spot when you get your final stamp in a Passport region. However, you can only redeem the prize at one of the locations listed within that region. For example, if you gather all the stamps on Page 8 for ‘Hawthorne Boulevard' locations, but don't want to sit and eat your free tots prize (or take them to go) at that time, just return to one of those same 5 locations when you're good and hungry for tots. Or, if you gather the 2 stamps on Page 20 for ‘Salem' and want to stop in another time to one of those 2 spots and enjoy eating the prize, by all means! (Just don't plan to gather the Salem prize in Corvallis, which is also on page 20). Once the white box below the grouping of locations is signed and dated by one of our servers, we'll know you've collected the prize.
  • When you've received all of the location stamps in your passport, you can redeem the grand prize at any McMenamins hotel. (Note: You can receive your last stamp at any location, but the final prize redemption is only available at a hotel.)
  • You do not need to do all experiences to complete your passport.
  • You do not have to receive all of the prizes in each section to claim the Grand Prize; you can collect prizes when you are good and ready (or hungry).

Time Limit

  • There is no time limit or expiration date to complete your passport.
  • If a new location opens before you complete your passport, you will need to get those stamps in order to complete the passport. (Our Anderson School in Bothell, Wash. is scheduled to open on October 15, 2015. Our Tacoma Elks Lodge is in development and does not have an opening date yet.)
  • The limit for Passport completions is 2 per person per calendar year.

Extra Steps designated by an Icon:

Photo Icon camera

  • Hotels and a few pubs: In order to receive certain stamps, you will need to get a picture of yourself with a designated piece of artwork. The clue to the artwork will be posted at the front desk. Or if it's at a pub, just ask your server. The artwork will rotate.
  • You will receive your stamp when you show a photo of yourself with the specified piece of artwork.

TIX Icon tux

  • Movie Theaters/Concert Venues: In order to receive a stamp, you must purchase a ticket OR attend one of the (limited) free events at the venue. There will be designated bars inside the venue for you to get your passport stamp.
  • Keep your ears open! There are some free shows or special events such as birthdays which will not require you to purchase tickets to get in and get your stamp.  Check online for upcoming free events at these locations.  
  • Stamps for the Crystal Ballroom and Lola’s Room are also available when you see a show – ticketed or free – in either venue.

How to receive your Grand Prize

Visit the hotel front desk at any of our hotel properties.

1. Front desk staff will verify that there is an official stamp for each property. (Experience stamps are not necessary to complete the passport.)

2. When all stamps are confirmed, the hotel front desk staff member will stamp the Passport with the designated "Final Completion" stamp, location and date-which signifies that you've become a Cosmic Tripster! You'll be given a Grand Prize Booklet containing your overnight stay certificates to redeem, and details about requesting your concert tickets.

3. The final stamp will be on the inside front cover of the passport. This is the key to getting your happy hour drink prices for the next year.

Have a question? Email

Note: Passport staff work Monday through Friday, daytime hours, so emails are answered during this time in the order in which they're received.

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