Meet Your Maker

Doug Ashley
Head Brewer
Lighthouse Brewpub


If you've visited McMenamins coastal locations, you may have already tasted the deliciousness that Doug Ashley creates in his small brewery by the sea. He currently captains the brew house at Lighthouse Brewpub in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Doug began commercially brewing in 2008. Prior to that, he was serving burgers and fries to the same people who now look forward to his carefully crafted, original malted libations. Like midnight in a glass, Doug's Black Pearl Imperial Stout is a current house favorite among the Lighthouse's coastal customers, who are delighted by its rich flavors of chocolate and roast.

Doug's inspirational mantra is simply: "For the love of beer." He has two passions: beer and woodworking. He says the inherent attention to detail draws him to these activities. He believes passion and true appreciation of the many beer styles are the keys to success in the brewing business-which he has always admired. In his role as brewer, he now enjoys adding his own boot prints to the vibrant and growing industry. 


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