Meet Your Maker

Gary Nance
Head Brewer
McMenamins on Monroe

GaryGary Nance has been part of the brewing industry since 1995. He brewed at the Thompson Brewery & Public House in Salem, but is best known for his beer creations at McMenamins on Monroe in Corvallis, where he has manned the helm since that location's first brew in October 2006. Gary's first production job was as an Assistant Brewer for Spencer's Restaurant & Brewhouse in Springfield, Oregon. He owned a restaurant prior to that, but most fondly remembers his time as a used Levi jeans buyer. Always finding time to follow his other passions, Gary is an avid desert camper. He has explored the 4 corners area and even made it out to enjoy the Sahara. When in town, you can find him gardening or just strolling around.

Nostalgia is the commonality between Gary's most memorable brews. He was part of the team that developed Oregon's first certified organic ale in 1998. His favorite style is brewing wheat ales-which was his first professional brew, and every wheat beer that's followed reminds him of the early steps in his career. Gary has always loved beer, but it wasn't until his wife bought him a homebrew kit that he thought about doing more with that passion than just enjoying beer. He suggests trying home brewing for anyone looking to join the brewing industry. He also recommends lifting weights due to the physical demands that brewing requires. Gary was once told, "When you find yourself thinking there is nothing to do, there is always something else to do." This tidbit of advice has helped him move up in his brewing career. When he needs a little motivation he finds it in rock and roll. The same music brought him to McMenamins for his first time, when he went to enjoy a show at the Blue Moon. 


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