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Tom Johnson
Head Brewer
Roseburg Station Brewery

Tom Johnson is our longtime brewer at Roseburg Station Pub and Brewery. Having joined us in 2001, Tom has developed a strong connection to the community that enjoys his craft. Every year he does a special "wet-hop" IPA style beer made with homegrown hops from around the Umpqua Valley. TomCustomers join Tom in picking the hops and enjoy having a hand in Tom's proudest creation.

He first discovered McMenamins in 1988, when a friend told him about a really cool place: An old Victorian house where the basement brews included a dark stout, a raspberry beer and a beer called "Hammerhead." He's been a fan ever since.

Outside of crafting beer, Tom partakes in cross-country skiing, gardening, camping and a round or two of disc golf.

"Make sure you are passionate about brewing, because it is difficult, dangerous, hard work and the pay is not great," Tom said. He received this advice before becoming a brewer, and he passes along the same knowledge; especially taking care of yourself to avoid injury.

Tom had been a tax preparer, a bowling alley mechanic and held other odd jobs before he embarked on his current career. A homebrew class in the basement of a bottle shop was the influence that guided Tom to brewing. After trying and finding fascination in a variety of flavors and styles, he bought a homebrew kit and never looked back. He suggests starting the same way; create homebrew and enter your creations into contests for unbiased feedback. Find the inspiration all around you. For Tom his inspiration comes from the wonders of nature, the mysteries of science, the joy of music, the intrigue of other brewers' concoctions and the relationships that surround him.


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