Meet Your Maker

Mark R. Goodwin
Head Brewer
Crystal Ballroom

MarkMark Goodwin is one of two brewers residing at the Crystal Ballroom Brewery. In his previous job he was a "professional beer drinker" who happened to work as a server at McMenamins Old St. Francis in Bend as well. Joining the production staff in July 2011 as McMenamins inaugural brewer at the Old Church Brewery & Pub in Wilsonville, Oregon, Mark quickly developed a well-received Imperial IPA called Mad Hatter. A favored technique utilizes a hop tea to bring added complexity to the beer, and introducing this new process is one of his proudest achievements so far. It's the ability to have limitless freedom with beer ingredients and brewing styles that influenced Mark to embark on a career in brewing. Once he achieved his goal of becoming a professional brewer, it was the amazing camaraderie amongst colleagues and peers in the industry that solidified his decision to make this not only a career but also a lifestyle. 

"Beer deserves to be treated as a civilized drink; it may even have been the cause of civilization." - Michael Jackson

It's the Northwest cycle of seasons that dictate Mark's passions. As the sun stays high, brewing Kösch and blonde styles is in order, and Mark enjoys any activity that allows him to soak in the sun. As the weather turns cool and summer moves through fall into winter, he enjoys producing reddish hued, malt-forward styles. With pint in hand, he can be found sitting around any welcoming fire pit to relax. Mark suggests 'persistence' as the key to breaking into the brewing industry; either power through some formal education to build knowledge, or knock on doors until someone lets you in and is willing to teach and train you. Willingness to do the worst job in the brewery is a must. Advice given to Mark early in his career helped shape his outlook: "When you first start with any trade, listen to your elders' advice. Once you have followed, then you will have the proper knowledge to lead." As he notes, after paying some dues, the opportunity to brew that sweet, sweet nectar will arise and all the hard, dirty work will be worth it. 


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