Meet Your Maker

Hanns Anderson
Head Brewer
High Street Brewery & Café

Hanns Anderson is the brewer for the High Street Brewery in Eugene.  He started as a pub worker and moved up to management positions before finding his way to the storied High Street Brewery. HannsHanns' favorite brew is his next brew. Always eager to learn, he enjoys crafting new recipes and new styles. The rich history and the specific brewing techniques for each style drive his scholarly attitude from recipe design to tasting.

Hanns has always loved to create consumables. Coming from a culinary background, the progression into brewing seemed natural. His favorite aspect of brewing, and baking, is the involvement of yeast. Creating yeast monsters is a favorite activity of the Anderson household.

When not spending time with his family, Hanns enjoys flag football, playing guitar, skateboarding, swimming and gardening. A majority of his time is also spent on his favorite activity of studying. "Study! Read about beer, drink beer, and brew beer, It is all studying, so get to it," he says; a mantra that Hanns follows and advises for new brewers. When brewing, he recommends a classic mindset: Work smarter, not harder. Efficiency is important. All of his best advice can be found at the end of a pint, whether he is receiving it or giving it.


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