Meet Your Maker

Tim Proctor
Head Brewer
John Barleycorns

Tim Proctor"You're not going to get rich doing this job" were the first words told to the current Head Brewer at John Barleycorns, Tim Proctor. He listened to that advice and became a brewer anyway, because for him,  this job is not about the money, it's about enjoying the job. And Tim loves his job. He has always been a hop-head, so getting to brew IPA and Pale style beers is like eternally working on Friday.

Brewing for 13 years, Tim has seen many trends in the world of beer. With the amount of breweries that the Northwest now sustains, he understands how important it is to monitor what the competition is up to, and to stay on his toes by constantly evolving. In addition, people's palates are constantly shifting, and keeping up with those ever-changing demands creates a unique work experience.  Hence, exploring new techniques and products is a trend in his life.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Before finding his calling in the beer world, Tim worked in construction installing garage doors and fireplaces. It was his first sip of "REAL" beer that started him on this journey.  An evening at the Oak Hills Pub & Brewery, where one of the beer descriptions explained the history of IPA, further solidified his decision to work his way into the beer industry. He began his McMenamins career as McMenamins previously as a pubster at the Oregon City Pub, and went on to join the production team in July 2000. Tim advises that a career in craft brewing can be achieved by first home brewing...a lot!

When he's not brewing, Tim competes in barbecue events in his free time. Accompanied by a few of his friends, they are "Smokin' Timbers BBQ" and enter competitions throughout the summer. His weekends are filled with practice of this craft. When he needs a break, he heads outdoors to camp or fish.


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