In a partnership with Danner Boots,
McMenamins presents the

Great Northwest Film Tour

Giving new films a place to be shown, gather momentum
and burst out onto the scene.

At regular intervals, the Great NW Film Tour will host directors, actors and/or producers at our McMenamins hotels and theater-pubs with their latest work – could be a documentary, an action film, animation or beyond. Guests will be able to watch a premiere piece of film work, and maybe engage in a Q&A or listen to some music beforehand, all while enjoying McMenamins ales, wines, spirits and more.


Do You Have a Film to Submit?
Looking for a way to launch your independent, undistributed film? Maybe we can help! Submit your trailer and a quick description of the film for review to our program directors - if we think the film is appropriate for our Great Northwest Film Tour audiences, we will contact you with more information. Who knows, you might even get to tour around to all our theater-pubs with your movie!

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