Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery

Established: September 2011


Distillery and Brewery tours available, please call 503-640-6174 for tour times.

Explore the former granary barn constructed by the Imbrie family in the 1850s, and known today as one of two McMenamins' distilleries. Its crowning glory is a century-old, 160-gallon Alambic Charentais pot still. It once sat in an old barn in Cognac, France, and came here in 2011. This copper beauty sits atop bricks recycled from Edgefield, Kennedy School and the Crystal Hotel. The first spirit released from this distillery was White Owl Whiskey, and the creativity and craft continues today with new releases.

McMenamins spirits are available for purchase at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and 12 other McMenamins locations.

Did you know we have another distillery? Visit the Edgefield Distillery, our first in the company, founded in 1998.

Frank High Proof Rum

Frank High Proof Rum
Now available

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery has crafted a new spirit inspired by generations of cocktails and born of 100% diamond 007 molasses and our antique French still. Fermented and distilled twice, then aged for six months in used Cognac barrels, Frank High Proof Rum is bold and forward, imparting exotic fruit and spice aromas. It's named after Frank Imbrie (grandson of the original homesteader who farmed land around Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in the 1850s, and was partial to rum.)

Frank is $33 per 750ml bottle at select locations. Watch for Frank on beverage menus at most locations, and in new specialty cocktails at Anderson School's North Shore Lagoon, Zeus Café and Rams Head.

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur is handcrafted from a base of pure McMenamins unaged wheat whiskey and flavored with Oregon-grown filberts. The hazelnuts used to craft the liqueur are processed just 10 minutes from the CPR distillery. The inspiration for the spirit is a nod to the property, formerly known as Imbrie Farm, which is still dotted with filbert trees.


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