Old Church Brewery

Established: August 2011
2014 Brewery Production:
135 batches • 1635.40 kegs • 202,789 pints

Get your freshly brewed beer here!

Set in what was once the Church's nursery (how cheeky!), the Old Church Brewery has a newly installed seven-barrel brewery system, thereby ensuring that all our guests get the absolute freshest ales possible.

Along with our signature ales – Ruby, Hammerhead, Terminator, and the various seasonal offerings – Old Church brewer Justin Azevedo crafts some amazing and unique brews. He keeps the Old Church's tapboard filled with barrel-aged nectars, tonsil-puckering sours and is in possession of the only hop-rocket in the company – a device which runs beer through a barrel of hop cones – and the results must be experienced to be believed.  So be sure to ask your server what's on tap because you just never know what you'll find....

Want beer to-go? We can help. Have a look at the details.

Peace be unto Beer Drinkers everywhere. Amen.

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