Food Sources

Fruit & Produce

Sheridan Fruit Company Inc. – A locally run business that distributes produce to our Portland area & Ore. coast locations:

Russet potatoes – All year (Idaho & Washington)
Tomatoes – June-October (California) / November-March (Florida)
Lettuce – November-April (Yuma, AZ) / March-October (Salinas, Ca.)

Rosella's Fruit & Produce Company – A locally run business that distributes produce to our Seattle-area locations:

Russet potatoes – All year (Idaho & Washington)
Tomatoes – Spring & summer (California, Florida, Mexico), through winter (Mexico)
Lettuce – California whenever possible; November through spring (Arizona & Florida), Springtime (Mexico), through the summer (Washington)

Emerald Fruit & Produce Company Inc. – A locally run business that distributes produce to our Eugene-area locations:

Russet potatoes – All year (Klamath Basin)
Tomatoes – Winter months (Mexico & Baja Peninsula) / Spring & fall transitions (San Diego) / Summer months (Central Valley Oregon)
Lettuce – Winter months (Yuma, AZ, area) / Spring, summer & fall (Salinas Valley, Ca.)

Aloha Produce Inc. – A Portland company with a warehouse in Bend

Hood River Organic – mushrooms, specifically used in Edgefield's catering menus

Edgefield Gardens – all produce is grown using organic methods; seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs are used whenever possible. In 2009, the Black Rabbit Restaurant used 1 ton of harvested fruit and 2.5 tons of vegetables from our gardens. Two tons of estate-grown pears were also used in our handcrafted Pear Brandy at the Edgefield Distillery.


Tillamook® Cheese – From Tillamook, Ore.


Portland French Bakery – Used everywhere except our Seattle locations

Gluten Free Concepts – From Portland, Ore.

Essential Baking Company – Seattle locations


Please note: None of our products contain "Pink Slime." 

Country Natural Beef – All-natural ground beef and burgers with no antibiotics or hormones. The Country Natural Beef regional co-op consists of 120 family ranches, practicing humane, compassionate handling of their livestock committed to environmental sustainability and possessing an extraordinary land ethic. McMenamins has been a proud partner since 2001.

Chez Marie, Inc. – Local natural food company specializing in vegetarian, preservative-free, soy-free, truly tasty veggie patties including our signature Hammerhead Garden Burger and our Grateful Veg Burger featuring the vegan Hearty Hemp Seed patty.

SP Provisions – A small Portland-based purveyor whose signature Cascade Natural product line offers naturally fed, growth hormone-free beef, sourced from Oregon, Washington and northern California. The Edgefield catering menus, specifically, feature Cascade Natural prime rib, top sirloin steaks and top round.

Interstate Meat Distributors – Family-owned business in Clackamas, Ore., grinds Country Natural Beef for us

Columbia Empire Meat Company – A locally run business that distributes meat and cheese to our Portland area & Ore. coast locations

Zenner's – Produces our signature Terminator Sausage & Hammerhead Bratwurst

Carlton Farms – An Oregon company that produces low(er) fat hogs fed on a hormone-free diet


Food Services of America Portland/Kent – Devoted to the Northwest

Tater Tots® – Founded in the 1950s, Ore-Ida was the pioneer of Tater Tots. The company's name is a portmanteau of Oregon & Idaho. Ore-Ida's primary production facility is located in Ontario, Ore.

Beaverton Foods – This local company makes our Dijon-style mustard that uses Edgefield Chardonnay & our Terminator Stout whole-grain mustard

Eggs – Not just cage-free, but certified-humane

Tillamook® Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – From Tillamook, Ore.

Cod – Wild Alaskan cod processed in Seattle to our exact specifications

Pleasant Valley – Our pickles and sauerkraut company based in Mt. Vernon, Wa.

Fryer Oil – All vegetarian & no trans-fat canola oil since 2000

Desserts of Distinction – Local Milwaukie, Ore., company that produces our Black & Tan Brownie

Ota Tofu – Organic & local

Shepherd's Pride Flour – Local & sustainably harvested

Portland Style Cheesecake Company – One of our vendors since 1995

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