Zeus Café at Crystal Hotel

Enter on Stark Street


Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Crystal Hotel's first-floor Northwest-style café is an ideal spot to meet up downtown, in the spirit of 1950s and '60s nightclub owners Nate and Tillie Zusman--Zeus Cafe's namesake.


Enjoy natural light inside or heated seating outside, which is pet friendly.

True to McMenamins' form, Zeus Café serves drinks, and lots of 'em--McMenamins handcrafted ales, wines, ciders and spirits, of course... but what about the cocktails?

Our bartenders are employing old-school, pre-Prohibition production methods; who knew there was a right and wrong way to stir, shake, crush and muddle? Zeus Café is a downtown base for a growing cocktail culture, and we’re shaking and stirring to make the experience the best around. 


Stop by for a cup of McMenamins coffee and breakfast en route to the office; meet up for lunch; or gather with friends and family for dinner and a round of McMenamins beers or specialty cocktails before heading to a show at the legendary Crystal Ballroom. Dessert and a nightcap after a show is a delicious option, too!

This artwork by Lyle Hehn is an ode to former regulars of the Desert Room, today known as McMenamins Al's Den. The gal on the left is Leona "Little Rusty" Kronberg, a prostitute and madam who lived for a time on Portland's SW Hooker St. (and for that was dubbed the Hooker on Hooker St.). The redhead in back, on the phone, was Phyllis "Torchy" Jessing, a player on the Portland restaurant/nightlife scene (though apparently not a "lady of the evening,") and a regular at the Desert Room. She befriended cops and shady characters (who sometimes were one and the same). Their friends with them at the bar are based on historical photos from the era...


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