Earth-Friendly Brewing:

  • Waste products including the "spent grain," used hop flowers, berries and brewers yeast are given to local farmers for reuse as livestock feed. 
  • Nylon malt bags are collected for gardening, sandbagging and eco-construction. 
  • Wooden bungs used to seal kegs are chipped into a nutrient-rich garden compost. 
  • Pallets and slip-boards used to transport kegs are returned to the distributor and reused. 
  • Five-gallon buckets used to hold everything from cleaning agents to fruit products are reused in the pubs to recycle oil and glass. 
  • Much of the brewing equipment is purchased second-hand and retrofitted to suit McMenamins' needs. In fact, most of the small-brewery fermenters began their service overseas in England. 
  • Kegs are purchased from other breweries or industrial recycling plants.

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