• We recycle scrap paper, office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, aseptic containers (milk cartons and drink boxes), plastic bottles and jugs, plastic tubs and buckets, plastic bags and shrink wrap, metals (including tin, aluminum, aerosol cans and any other metals), colored glass jars and bottles, block Styrofoam packaging, wine bottle cork (donated to SCRAP, a Portland nonprofit that teaches art programs in the city's public schools), electronic and computer equipment, oil from our fryers and grains left over from the brewing process (which go to a local hog farmer). We can also provide resources for people who are interested in recycling materials from an event they are having at one of our properties.
  • The oil we use in Edgefield's Black Rabbit Restaurant is already a recycled product; it's derived from rice bran, a by-product of milling rice. 
  • We reuse Edgefield wine bottles and packaging peanuts. 
  • We use copy paper with the highest post-consumer recycled content; menus are printed on paper with 30% post consumer waste.

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