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Friends & Family Nights

All of our Friends and Family Nights have been chosen for 2016. As a company that prides itself on working with and being a part of the community, we accepted many organizations' requests, but are not able to accept all of the hundreds of requests for Friends and Family Nights.

Our new timeline for applying for Friends and Family Nights is as follows: We are only accepting F&F Night requests from August 1, 2016 - October 31, 2016. These requests will be for calendar year 2017. If your organization meets all our eligibility requirements, we encourage you to apply during this timeframe.

McMenamins will donate 50% of one Pub's nightly sales to the group or organization.

  • The location for the fundraiser is based on which pub is located closest to the organization or their service area.
  • Event takes place on a Monday or Tuesday night, 5 p.m. ’til close, during the fall, winter or spring months. At this time, we do not schedule these events during the summer.
  • These events cannot be auctioned off to a 3rd party.

How to submit a request:

If your organization meets the eligibility requirements, please complete the Friends & Family Night request form.

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