19th Annual Barley Cup Brewfest

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Thompson Brewery & Public House
Salem, Oregon

Congratulations to this year's winners!

1st place: Thompson Brewery's Bastille Imperial Stout 
2nd place: Gilgamesh's Tropic Blunder Tropical Wheat 
3rd place: John Barleycorns' Sailing the C's DIPA

What could be better than a selection of distinctive and flavorful brews at the start of summer, all vying to be your favorite? Head to the Barley Cup.

We've asked McMenamins and Salem-area guest brewers to send one keg of whatever delicious and special beer they choose, and we put them all on tap for the Barley Cup Brewfest.  Every beer is something that each brewer created themselves that they¹re extremely proud of.  Order up a taster tray of Barley Cup beers and try to determine which one is your favorite brew.  The winner of the Barley Cup will be decided by a popular vote among all attendees of the Barley Cup Brewfest, and will have their name and beer name forever engraved on the coveted Barley Cup trophy.


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