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Jam Session IPA

Jam Session ISA
Spring is in full bloom and its song plays the soundtrack to a beautiful season. Wanting to add our instrument to the collaboration, the McMenamins brewers were inspired to produce Jam Session ISA, a light and easy drinking beer that embodies the spirit of spring as it fades into summer. Being an India style, expect our trio of hops to be the front man of this band, providing strong riffs of floral and pine and a beat of citrus. A majority of the hops is added in late additions, which provides full flavors and aromas without the bittering astringency. Whether you're a hard-rockin' IPA drinker or a classical golden ale drinker, you'll find the essence and song of the season in every pint. Enjoy a Jam Session ISA and turn the volume of your day up to 11. A one, a two, a one, two, three, Cheers!
OG: 1.047   TG: 1.010   ABV: 4.77%   IBU: 54   SRM: 4

Purple Haze
A light, crisp, and refreshingly fruity ale. Slightly more tart and fuller bodied than our ruby recipe, this is a pub favorite. Made with boysenberries instead of the raspberry puree.
Malts: Premium Two Row
Hops: Chinook
Fruit: Boysenberries
OG: 1.040   TG: 1.006  ABV: 4.39%  SRM: 3
Buzz words: Boysenberries, Light, and Refreshing

Orange Goblin IPA
This India Pale Ale pours bright orange with an inviting frothy white head on top. Orange Goblin starts with a reserved fruity, almost spicy aroma. At first sip hop bitterness wells up over a malty undercurrent reminiscent of baking bread. The finish is hoppy and bitter and full of citrusy grapefruit-like notes.
Malts: Premium Pale Malt, Victory Malt.
Hops: Brewers Gold, Centennial, Cascade.
OG: 1.065  TG: 1.011   ABV: 6.97%   IBU: 80   SRM: 5
Buzz words: Spicy, Citrusy, Hoppy

Devil's Bitter

Devil's Bitter
Struck by the ferocious beauty of the Oregon coast, we set out to brew a drink worthy to be served from Devil's Punch Bowl. Meet Devil's Bitter.  Shining like sun on sand, this crisp ale has a bright, fresh nose courtesy of a bountiful late addition of Golding hops. The flavor is brisk but balanced, favoring bready complexity over malt sweetness. This spring, as you await our annual release of Devils Bit Whiskey, raise a pint of Devil's Bitter and toast the power of nature and its delicious bounty.
Malts : Gambrinus Pilsen, Maris Otter Pale, CaraMunich 40, Flaked Barley
Hops: Centennial, Golding
OG: 1.053   TG: 1.010   ABV: 5.55%   IBU: 32   SRM:

Electric Orange Weizen
A generous amount of high quality wheat malt is employed to give this beer a rich body and frothy white foam head.  Spanish sweet orange peels are allowed to boil in the kettle for several minutes before this ale is sent to the fermenter.  The result is a flavorful but citrusy and refreshing American style wheat beer.
Malt: Premium Two Row, Wheat, Crystal 40L
Hops: Cascade
OG: 1.045  TG: 1.008  ABV: 4.77  IBU: 15  SRM: 4
Buzz words: Rich, Citrusy, Hazy

Super Squirtie
It's a bear! It's a dog! No! It's Super Squirtie. Whatever he is, Squirtie is most definitely the beloved mascot of the Fulton pub. In his present incarnation Squirtie dons a cape and medallion to signify his super status. The Squirtie Pale Ale recipe was first brewed at the Fulton nearly 20 years ago.  This year for entry in the Hillsdale Brewfest, the recipe has been bumped up to fit the "American Style Strong Pale Ale" category. What does that mean?  It means that this deep golden hued ale is chalk full of malty body and a citrusy assertive hoppiness. It's bigger, better, stronger.  And well... Squirtie gets to wear a cape and medallion of course.
Malts: Canada Malt Superior Pilsen, Briess CaraPils, Hugh Baird 30-37 Carastan
Chinook, Brewers Gold, Centennial, Golding
1.058   TG: 1.010   ABV: 6.20%   IBU: 61   SRM: 7
Buzz Words:
Malty, Hoppy, Squirtie!

On Nitro Tap:
Oatmeal Stout
Fulton Oatmeal Stout is opaque and deep black.  The rolled oats used in the mash tun lend a velvety texture as flavors of cocoa and milk chocolate pass over the palate; finished by a noticeable but very faint hop bitterness.  This ale is poured on our nitrogen tap for added smoothness.
: Pale Ale, Crystal 135/165, Chocolate, Roast, Rolled Oats
Nugget, Golding
1.054   TG: 1.014   ABV: 5.16%   IBU: 25   SRM: 33
Buzz words:
Black, Chocolate, Smooth

Unfrozen Caveman Porter
This porter has a nicely rich chocolate flavor that blends nicely with the bready sweet malt profile.  The hops play a back-up role in this beer, allowing it to have a pleasant sweet quality.  Smooth, rich, and delicious!
Malts: Premium Pale Malt, Munich, Wheat, Crystal 120L, Brown, Chocolate
Hops: Chinook, Golding
OG: 1.052   TG: 1.012   ABV: 5.16%   IBU: 18   SRM: 18
Buzz words: Chocolaty, smooth, rich

Nebraska Bitter
This golden bitter uses fresh Cascade hops in modest amounts to create a more subtle hop flavor and bitterness than its big brother, Hammerhead. Nebraska Bitter was first brewed at the Fulton Pub & Brewery, located in Southwest Portland. This crisp and flavorful ale has become a standard attraction at McMenamins’ taps everywhere.
Malts: Premium Two Row and Crystal 40L
Hops: Chinook and Cascade
OG: 1.043   TG: 1.006   ABV: 4.7%   IBU: 21   SRM: 5

This rich, chestnut colored gem is a model of harmony between hops and malted barley. Its signature cascade hop nose and intense hopped flavor blend nicely with the caramel tones from the crystal malt. A true northwest amber.
Premium 2-row Malt and 75L Crystal Malt
1.056   TG  1.010   ABV: 5.93%   IBU:  44   SRM: 11

Terminator Stout
Black as the darkest night, rich as the most decadent dessert, Terminator is for the true stout lover. This is a full bodied and flavor packed ale which draws its robust complexity from kiln-baked specialty grains. Look for a wide array of toasted, chocolate, nutty and coffee-like flavors in every pint! The devoted swear by it, and it remains one of our top selling ales year after year.
Premium 2-row Malt, Munich Malt, 40L Crystal, and Black Barley 
Chinook and Cascade
1.065   TG:  1.015   ABV:  6.45%   IBU:  30   SRM: 35

Ruby Ale

One of our most popular standards, we still make Ruby with the same aims we had when brewing the first batch back in March 1986: To create an ale light, crisp and refreshingly fruity.  Great Western Premium 2-row and 42 pounds of Oregon-grown and processed raspberry puree is used to craft every colorful batch.  Simple but delicious.  Taste the original!
Premium 2-row Malt
Fruit: Raspberries
1.039   TG:  1.005   ABV: 4.39%

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