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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a keg from McMenamins Breweries?
Yes, McMenamins ales are available for purchase at our brewery locations. Sales depend on availability, especially if a keg of Hammerhead, IPA, Terminator or Ruby is desired. Different breweries may have different varieties available, so calling around to various McMenamins breweries is always a good idea.

How much will a keg of McMenamins beer cost me?
A keg of McMenamins beer costs $85 (fall special, regularly $105). All kegs require a $50 refundable keg shell deposit. Tapping equipment requires a $100 deposit, $90 of which is refundable upon the tap's return. McMenamins can only accept cash or credit cards for keg sales and deposits. Please note: keg shells and rental taps must be returned to the brewery of sale to receive a deposit refund. A sales receipt must also accompany the shell and tap to receive the refund. A refund check will be made payable only to the purchaser of the keg.

What about pony kegs?
McMenamins occasionally makes pony kegs available for purchase, although it is rare. Selection is extremely limited, but it may be worth inquiring about if you want the smaller sized keg. Pony kegs will cost you $42.50 (fall special, regularly $52.50), and have the same deposit requirements as the full-sized models.

Whom do I call to purchase a keg?
Contact one of McMenamins Breweries to purchase a keg. The brewer will walk you through the process of purchasing, picking up and returning your keg.

What kind of information or ID will I need when purchasing a keg?
You will need to provide a valid drivers license and another piece of acceptable identification. You will also need to provide the address of the location where the beer will be consumed, the time the beverage will be consumed, and the license plate of the vehicle transporting the keg. The purchaser who fills out the required Oregon Liquor Control Commission paperwork is the only person who may take possession of the keg.

When can I pick up my keg?
When you call the brewery to find out if a keg is available, you will also make arrangements for picking up the keg. Most keg reservations can be made up to a week in advance. For more long-term reservations (which must be prepaid) please contact the Edgefield Brewery at (503) 667-4352.

How much beer will I get out of my keg?
You should get approximately 150 12-ounce cups from a full-sized keg, and half that amount from a pony keg.

What will I need to dispense the beer from my keg?
You will need to obtain a "golden-gate" (also known as "diamond head") tapping device from McMenamins, a party supply store of your choosing, or if you live in Portland, an excellent source is FH Steinbarts, 234 SE 12th Ave., (503) 232-8793. McMenamins rents hand-pump models which work fine for parties where the beer will be consumed in one or two evenings. CO2-driven systems are recommended for service longer than 2 days. Request our "How to Tap a McMenamins Keg" handout with your keg purchase for more information on tap usage and troubleshooting draft issues.

Can I return an untapped keg for refund?
Once a keg leaves the brewery it cannot be returned for a refund, even if full. Please ensure that you have access to the proper tapping equipment before you purchase a keg.

Can I buy a keg and then sell the beer?
No. It is illegal to sell alcohol without a special permit. We do not sell kegs to people who are planning to resell the product in any fashion. Warning: It is extremely foolish to purchase a keg and sell it to another party. Not only is it illegal, but the purchaser is responsible and liable for what happens to the keg when McMenamins releases it.


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