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How do I reserve an event space?
Preliminary contact and event information is taken at the time of booking to create a reservation in our system. We require a signed contract two weeks after you book. A deposit in the amount of 25% of the food and beverage minimum is due 30 days after booking. A second deposit in the amount of 75% of the food and beverage minimum is due 60 days prior to the event. All deposits are non-refundable upon receipt.

Is rehearsal time included with my booking?
It is not. You are more than welcome to check in with your Sales Coordinator the week prior to your event to see if the space is available for rehearsal, however there is no guarantee of availability.

What is a food and beverage minimum?
All of our private event spaces are rented per food and beverage minimums. As long as this minimum is met in hosted, catered food and beverages served in the event space during the event, there is no room fee. If the minimum is not met, the difference is owed as a room rental fee. Please note: Only hosted food and beverages apply toward the minimum. Additional fees such as the 18% service charge, rental items, corkage fees, etc., do not apply.

Does the service charge apply toward the minimum?
There is an applied 18% service charge on all hosted food and beverage. This does not apply toward the minimum. Only catered food and beverage served in the event space during the event applies toward the minimum.

What all is included in the rental of the event space?
We provide a full catering staff including bartenders, your event set up and break down, basic linens, plates, flatware and standard in-house tables and chairs. Special request tables and/or chairs will need to be rented and there will be an additional charge for this.

Does McMenamins provide centerpieces and/or decorations?
McMenamins does not provide centerpieces or decorations. Basic candle packages are available upon request. Please inquire about pricing for candle packages.

Is the space air conditioned?
Although McMenamins Crystal Ballroom and Lola's Room have in-room ventilation systems, and additional fans available upon request, they are not air-conditioned spaces.

How long can our reception take place?
Your reception can take place for a maximum of 5 hours, ending no later than 2:30am.

What is your deposit policy?
For weddings we require 25% of the food and beverage minimum 30 days after booking and the remaining 75% is due 60 days prior to the event date. All wedding deposits are non-refundable upon receipt. Please note we do not accept personal checks.

When is my final payment due?
Final payment for all outstanding charges is due at the conclusion of the event. Please note we do not accept personal checks.

Can I bring in my own caterer / outside food?
McMenamins will provide the catering for all event spaces. You are welcome to bring in a traditional tiered wedding cake as long as it is from a licensed and health inspected bakery. Further exceptions regarding desserts may apply depending on the property where you are holding your event. Please speak with your Sales Coordinator for further information.

Can you accommodate specialty menus, food allergies and dietary restrictions?
Yes! We are happy to work with you to create the best menu for your special event. We have experience with all sorts of requests from vegetarians, vegans, those with nut allergies, gluten free meals as well as traditional dishes and recipes from many different cultures. Please speak to your Sales Coordinator for further details.

Can adjustments be made to the standard catering menu selections?
Our standard catering menu selections serve simply as suggestions. You are not limited to these standard selections. Our Sales Coordinator's will happily offer consultation regarding special request or themed menus. Adjustments can also be made to accommodate your guest's special dietary needs.

Can I bring in outside wine?
Yes! While we make a large variety of wine ourselves, we understand at times extra special events require an extra special bottle of wine or champagne. We charge a $10.00 per 750ml bottle corkage fee for each bottle opened during your event. The corkage fee does not apply toward the food and beverage minimum for your event space.

Can I purchase a keg of beer for my event?
We do not sell beer by the keg for events held onsite at a McMenamins property. We do, however, sell kegs to go from many of our breweries for your special events taking place elsewhere.

What is the pricing for beer and wine? I don't see it in the catering menus.
Each property will match the current pricing offered in its restaurants and bars in the catering spaces. Current beverage pricing can be found online on each property's restaurant, pub and/or small bars menus.

Is my Sales Coordinator at McMenamins the same as a Wedding Coordinator?
Not exactly. Your Sales Coordinator will help with all McMenamins related aspects of your event such as booking your event space and guest rooms, menu planning, set up, timelines and so on. Your Sales Coordinator can also assist you by referring other preferred event resources such as florists, bakers, event rental companies, entertainment and more. If you are looking for more in depth assistance, including a coordinator to help you with decorating, dressing etc. on your special day, we suggest hiring a private wedding coordinator and would be happy to refer you to some of our favorites.

Do you offer menu tastings?
We do not. Food prepared in an individual serving for a tasting is not prepared the same way as a menu item prepared for a large group of guests. Therefore it would be a misrepresentation of what you will see and taste at your event. We can, however, give you recommendations based on our experience, and describe the preparation, flavor, texture and ingredients.

Are DJ's, bands and other forms of entertainment allowed?
Absolutely. All amplified sound must be run through the house sound system. Additional fees will be applied for use of the house sound system, lighting and all other audio visual equipment. Please speak to your Sales Coordinator for details.

Can McMenamins provide audio-visual equipment?
We can provide just about any equipment your group may need. Please inquire about availability of products and prices.

Are children allowed in the event space if we will have a bar in the room?
Yes. If there are pool tables in your event space, children will not be allowed near them, but can be in other designated areas of the event space. All guests will be ID'd and wrist banded or hand stamped for alcohol service unless otherwise noted in your contract.

Are animals allowed?
Unfortunately, animals, other than licensed and certified service animals are not allowed on property.


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